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Post Works Sunday on Your Website

To let your faith community, friends or family know about Works Sunday, you can paste this online logo and link in your eNewsletter or website.

Can you spare an hour or two to help a neighbor in
need?  Visit to learn how!


  1. Create a new Word document on your computer.
  2. Highlight the caption and link above.
  3. Paste them into the new Word document your just created.
  4. Highlight the logo above.
  5. Right click and "Save picture as" a PNG or Bitmap file to your computer.
  6. In your new Word document, click on "Insert" and then "Picture"
  7. Select the PNG or Bitmap you just saved to your computer; then click "Insert" again.  The logo, caption and link will now all be in your new Word document.
  8. Open your eNewsletter, website or blog in an editor
  9. HIghlight and copy the logo, caption and link in your new Word document.
  10. Paste them into place in your in eNewsletter, web site or blog.

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