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Bringing Smiles to Sick Kids

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By Jacqueline Bolware

For several years, Works Sunday has visited Ronald McDonald House of Northern Virginia, bringing comfort and smiles to young patients and their families.  If you can imagine the heartache of a parent miles from home seeking treatment for their child’s serious illness, you can understand the morale boost of a home-cooked meal and comfortable environment.   

On past Works Sundays, volunteers planted garden where families can sit and reflect in a peaceful setting.  We have served fresh hot meals help to create an atmosphere of being home.  When you are with your child for long exhausting hours at the hospital, what a tremendous relief it is to be welcomed with a filling meal complemented with a decadent dessert. 

Again this year, our young Works Sunday volunteers will help to create an atmosphere of fun for the young and youthful at heart.  With goodie bags in-hand they are welcome playmates for resident siblings, and bring much needed smiles to everyone. 

One year we had a visiting grandfather to teach us all  yo-yo tricks.  The children had a marvelous time while the adults seemed confused, struggling to mastering his tricks.  This scene was more entertaining than the lesson! 

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