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Works Sunday is an annual interfaith local service event that takes place on or about the third Sunday in August, and draws volunteers from Reston, Herndon, Sterling, Vienna and other parts of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.  Most projects take place in Reston, Herndon, or Sterling, Virginia. 

Information on specific events may be found on the side bar, or by clicking on the Activities link above, browse through the list of projects, and then click the signup button (if available) to register.  Everyone is welcome to serve. No pre-registration is required for any of the events with the exceptipon of the Rise Against Hunger event, where you are asked to register online

Works Sunday offers benefits to our communities, our neighbors in need, and volunteers who participate.  Join us in this vital annual effort to:

  • Publicly demonstrate God's commission to us to help and serve our neighbors in Reston, Herndon, Sterling, Vienna and nearby communities.
  • Raise awareness and encourage the members of our congregations to become more engaged in meeting the needs of our communities.
  • Get to know each other better as brothers and sisters.
  • Provide an opportunity for others in our communities to join with us to make a difference.

If you have any questions about any of the donations or service events, please contact us!

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